The drug menace is a serious problem among the youth of the world. Addiction to drugs is known as the drug menace. This leads to many social problems. Dangerous drugs like hemp, heroin, and cocaine distort the healthy mental process of people, which eventually disturbs their natural thinking process. According to scientific research, it has been proven that these harmful drugs adversely affect one’s brain with serious damage. As a result, the mental process of drug addicts is disturbed largely, affecting their rational behavior, which is the reason for their misconduct in certain situations.

Drug users commit very harmful, dangerous severe anti-social crimes like murders, rapes, and the like. How does this become a menace? As there is a great tendency for drugs to be propagated among youth, it is considered a menace. Youth are vulnerable to drugs, and they get attracted to drugs quite easily. Thereby, it is fair to mention that drug is a menace.

There are many rehabilitation camps in Sri Lanka. The purpose of them is to rehabilitate drug addicts and show them the correct path to society.

According to research, it has been found that peer pressure is an agent of spreading this menace in society. Therefore, it is the responsibility of children to keep company only with good friends. And at the same time, parents must be very vigilant in this regard. Let us all join hands to eradica te this menace from our country.

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