Introduction To the Division

The English Debating Division is one of the most powerful among others as we empower the members with the skills of expressing their beliefs and ideas clearly and concisely while staying aware of current affairs. It creates a comfortable environment to brush up the skills of logical argumentation of the members while ensuring that the undergraduates have the competency of addressing logical issues.

Goals & Objectives

  1. Enhancing and Developing Debating skills of members.
  2. Develop the member’s ability to think logically and present their ideas clearly and concisely.
  3. Developing Oracy Skills
  4. Give members a good knowledge about global and political affairs
  5. Developing Leadership qualities and organizing skills through various events organized by the division monthly and yearly.
  6. Mitigating stage fear and hoping for successive teamwork.


Clash Of Minds

Clash of Minds is an Inter-University Debating Competition organized every year by the Debating Division of J’pura voice. Clash of Minds was the first event organized by J’pura voice in 2019 as an Inter-Faculty competition with the intention of improving the debating skills of all undergraduates. Later it expanded to an Inter-University competition in 2020 & 2021, with the participation of debaters who were undergraduates of both Private and Government universities.

Later in 2022 Clash of Minds expanded further as a trilingual International and local Inter-University Debating competition with the participation of a large number of international and local debaters.

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Logico is a Friendly English Debating Competition Organized by the English Debating Division to enhance the debating skills, and also team spirit among young undergraduates, followed by a series of workshops.


The Debating Division is not all about Debating. It includes many more!

Oratorio is an Oratory Competition organized by the English Debating Division of J’pura Voice, with the aim of enhancing the Oratory skills of Undergraduates.

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A Series of Workshops is organized by the English Debating Division parallel to the Logico Friendly Debating Competition. The workshops will be conducted by well-experienced and talented Debaters with the aim of providing guidance and tips to the young debaters towards success in their Debating careers. These Workshops provide a helping hand to the undergraduates to do great at the Logico Friendly Debating Competition.

Where we stand and way forward

Our division is currently focusing on improving the skills and hoping to build Debating Teams with potential undergraduates in all three languages such as Sinhala, Tamil, and English to not only represent the university but to also stand out in the international arenas. We are looking forward to reaching greater heights together with you!