“Clash Of Minds”, the debating competition is annually organized by the debating division, and this is a Trilingual Inter-University Debating competition that mainly focuses on local and International universities. The competition will be held in Sinhala, Tamil & English language categories.

How it begin?

“Clash Of Minds” was the very first event organized by J’pura voice to improve the debating skills and stands for inculcating and developing undergraduates to bring out the best in themselves in terms of participation in activities and effective methods to instil a “thinking mind” among undergraduates to understand issues. That may affect them in their lives and this was organized for the first time, in 2019. It was held as an interfaculty debating competition in our university history.

Clash of Minds ’20/21 was an Inter-University Debating Competition organized by the Debating Division of J’pura Voice for the second consecutive time. The competition was a highly anticipated event that provided a superior experience for veteran and fresh debaters who are undergraduates of both state and private universities in Sri Lanka. The tournament was held in both Sinhala and English mediums with the participation of more than 300 undergraduate debaters from 45 state and private universities in Sri Lanka.


Clash of Minds’22 is a Trilingual Inter-University Debating Competition for the third consecutive time which mainly focuses on local and international universities. The competition was held in Sinhala, Tamil & English language categories.

The competition was open for UGC registered State Universities, Higher Education Institutes, Private Universities, Foreign Universities for all three languages.


A series of workshops on debating which includes sound controlling hacks, facial expression tips and point breaking methods etc. was conducted by qualified, scholarly personalities who are superior in Debating. There was three workshops as following.

  • Sinhala Debating Workshop
  • English Debating Workshop
  • Tamil Debating Workshop

Workshop series mainly focuses on competitors, but this was open for all the debaters who wish to improve debating skills.

Award Ceremony

Clash of Minds’22 award ceremony was held on 18th June at the Sri Sumangala Auditorium of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. With a participation of 5 foreign universities, 12 local and private universities, the competition concluded successfully.


Awards was given under all the three categories Sinhala, Tamil & English.

Award titles are mentioned below.

  • Winners
  • First Runner UP
  • Best Debater
  • Best Point Presenter
  • Best Point Breaker
  • Most Popular Team

What are we planning to do next? 

The future of “Clash Of Minds” looks bright- not only because of its uniqueness and its ability in thriving despite all challenges but of the effort put into making it better than every last attempt. “Clash Of Minds” seeks to expand and become better, to make way for the Debating Division to have a better set of debaters with experience, to lead the debating division to have greener pastures in comparison with other divisions and clubs within the University, and even to expand it more with the participation of more candidates, more Universities and more quality. The future of “Clash Of Minds” remains bright, with the only alternative being to shine brighter and more vivid in its future.