Allusion’ is one of the largest announcing workshop series and competitions conducted in the Sri Lankan university media field. It is annually organized by the Sinhala announcing division collaborating with English announcing division of j’pura Voice.

The Centre point of Allusion is based on the purpose of developing announcing and presenting skills through professional expertise. Allusion is a three-day series of virtual workshops and a competition for participants to develop skills needed for the announcing profession.  Workshops will be conducted, and competitions will be judged by professionals in the announcing industry.  The project committee has planned to organize three sessions which will be held separately.  Workshops are conducted on TV presenting, radio announcing and English presenting respectively.

The Announcing division of J’pura Voice is determined as their vision to carry out initiatives to create a platform where the undergraduates of University of Sri Jayewardenepura would stand a chance to recognize and enhance their announcing and presenting skills through the opportunities and experiences.


This time Allusion’23 is presented to you in a new dimension in the journey of finding new voice personalities. Accordingly, Allusion’23 the largest announcing competition in Sri Lanka, which is organized by the Announcing Division of J’pura Voice, the Official Media and Broadcasting Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, will be held as an inter-university and inter-school competition in Sinhala, Tamil, and English.

Why Allusion’23 is Unique?

  • The competition is conducted at inter-university and inter-school levels as a trilingual competition.
  • The contestants should not participate individually but as a Duo.
  • Allusion’23 consists of three rounds (First Round, Second Round, and Final Round). Each round will be held under the following disciplines.
    ➢ Documentary Presenting
    ➢ Live Reporting
    ➢ Program Presenting
    (Note: A new discipline that is specially designed only for the Final Round will be introduced)
  • A proficient and transparent duo of judges will be presented to judge the competition.
  • Conducting a special online workshop for the contestants in all three mediums of Sinhala, Tamil and English which will be open to everyone who’s interested.

Workshop Series