Programming Division is a vast space of independence that paves the way for our undergraduates to express themselves by prodding their creativity. Members have the opportunity to boost their confidence along with gearing up their personality and leadership skills in a spectrum of fields like graphic designing, video editing, content writing, music production, technical support in live streaming events, and many more. Programming Division conducts innovative events such as Creator’s Aid, Online Awurudu, and Christmas events each year, bringing up enthusiasm and creativity among the creative circuit individuals.

Graphic Designing

J’pura Voice is no stranger to innovation. With the guidance of the Programming Division, graphic designers have the liberty to express their creativity in endless ways. Every day, a new challenge arises for our Graphic Designers as we continue our journey to leave a remarkable legacy.

Video Editing

Undergraduates are encouraged to hone hard skills like video editing by participating in the projects at J’pura Voice. Our video editors graduate as full-fledged professionals with a vivid imagination, sharp eye for detail, enhanced communication skills, and improved multitasking ability.

Content Writing

Each year, we bring forth novel faces with the mission of providing opportunities to our undergraduates. At the Programming Division, Content Writers are trained and mentored to become writers who tell stories that inspire and compel.