About Us

J’pura News by J’pura Voice, the Pioneer in University News Reporting was an initiative brought to life in 2020, in order to publish quick and accurate updates mainly focusing on news relating to University of Sri Jayewardenepura, the State University System, and the Education System of Sri Lanka.

J’pura News Panel is dedicated to reporting news that is instant, accurate, and impartial, with the intention of informing the viewers and audience of the newest information. J’pura News by J’pura Voice consists of five panels namely, the News Reporting Panel, News Presenting Panel, Digital Media Panel, Sinhala Editorial Panel, and English Editorial Panel. J’pura News hosts a variety of activities and events throughout an academic year which comprises the bilingual Weekend News Telecast, ‘News Lab’, a series of workshops organized to educate students and enhance their skills and capabilities in the field of News Reporting and mold future generations to surpass the legacy, and finally, “Supernova“, the only Inter-University Trilingual News Presenting Competition organized for students across the island in order to put their News Presenting Skills to the test.

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