A property belongs to the government is known as a public property. They are not for the benefits of one person only, but they belong to the whole society. Public libraries, schools, hospitals, religious places, public transport systems are some examples for public property.

What is the attitude of people towards public property in the present society? Many people do not think of public property, and they do not have a sense of protecting them for next generation. That situation creates a huge destruction to the country because the state must spend a large sum of money annually for maintaining public property. It hinders the development of the country as there is no enough investment in development projects.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect public property for the betterment of the country. How can we protect them? Some people tear seats of buses and trains while they travel by them. It is our responsibility, making them aware of the destruction that they cause. When we see that some children are writing on walls, we must advise them not to do such mean acts. Moreover, protecting public property should be our prime duty in the present society.

Protecting public property means saving our own money. Therefore, as good citizens, let us determine to protect public property of the country. Then we would be able to have a prosperous country in future.

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