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Cinero, the Short Film Festival is organized by the Filming Division of J’pura Voice, the Official Media and Broadcasting Unit of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. As the first venture into the field of short films, the main objective of the short film festival is to encourage Sri Lankan short filmmakers, to take on the responsibility of the Sri Lankan Film Industry as a responsible university and to develop the cinematic skills of the upcoming and potential filmmakers. Facts About Cinero Short Film Competition Cinero, the Short Film Festival mainly includes a short film [...]




“Clash Of Minds”, the debating competition is annually organized by the debating division, and this is a Trilingual Inter-University Debating competition that mainly focuses on local and International universities. The competition will be held in Sinhala, Tamil & English language categories. How it begin? “Clash Of Minds” was the very first event organized by J’pura voice to improve the debating skills and stands for inculcating and developing undergraduates to bring out the best in themselves in terms of participation in activities and effective methods to instil a “thinking mind” among undergraduates to understand issues. That may affect [...]

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Every state University and the private university had the liberty of taking part in this competition and the competition took place from the 11th of February to the 15th of March 2021. The competition was conducted in two rounds. The first round was held with the participation of 75 competitors and all the competitors were given the freedom to adduce creative videos. Out of the 75 competitors, 18 competitors were selected for the second round of the judgment. The second round was conducted under a title given by the platinum sponsor who is Maliban Smart Cream Cracker. [...]




‘Allusion’ is one of the largest announcing workshop series and competitions conducted in the Sri Lankan university media field. It is annually organized by the Sinhala announcing division collaborating with English announcing division of j’pura Voice. The Centre point of Allusion is based on the purpose of developing announcing and presenting skills through professional expertise. Allusion is a three-day series of virtual workshops and a competition for participants to develop skills needed for the announcing profession.  Workshops will be conducted, and competitions will be judged by professionals in the announcing industry.  The project committee has planned to organize three sessions [...]




Supernova is a News Presenting Competition that is being organized by J’pura News by J’pura Voice of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. J'pura News by J'pura Voice is an initiative implemented by J'pura Voice, the Official Media and Broadcasting Unit of University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Having the motto ‘The Pioneer In University News Reporting’, J'pura News by J’pura Voice became the most trusted and the most popular source of news for the community of University of Sri Jayewardenepura in a short period. Supernova is the only competition that has been organized at university level with the intention of creating great [...]

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